The Style Files | Styling A Side Table

Side tables are an often overlooked accessory in a room but once you have a couple of them dotted around, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Here are five top tips for how to style a side table:

  • Add a plant – Plants are the easiest and most environmentally friendly way to style up a side table. Buy a plant, keep it fed and admire your new home addition. The dracaena and swiss cheese plant are especially popular for indoor plant décor. If you’re feeling a little lazy but desire the look, invest in an artificial plant instead, saves time in a busy schedule!

  • Books/Magazines – Stack your current reads, to-reads and your favourite magazines on your table. Keep updated with the latest inspo while filling up table space, nice.

  • Scents – Pair candles and diffusers with our Clara side table. With a pink enamel top and flat pack assembly, it's near-perfect. Candles and diffusers are a great finishing touch to your home décor and are amazing for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Speaking of candles, we stock two gorgeous fragrances that come in a reusable ceramic jar. Shop them here.

  • Lighting - The correct lighting in a room comes from about four sources. Add a small lamp to your side table as a decorative accent. Top tip: A glass lamp will disperse light and make your space look even prettier as the evenings approach. And all of our lighting solutions are battery operated. Win win.

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