How To Do The Pineapple Trend

We try to go with style over trends here at Honey Bee Home but the humble pineapple is one that I just couldn't resist. Only, it had to have a Honey Bee twist to it.

In summer, I brought out the pineapple trinket boxes, which were a hit but I decided it was time for a new take on the trend, for Autumn.

(Click on the images below, to go straight to the products).

White and gold pineapple trinket pot

Small white and gold pineapple

I've added two fab pineapple pieces for this new season. Affectionately nicknamed 'goth pineapples' by a customer. They're both black - you really can't beat that colour, for a chic take on home accessorising. If in doubt, go black.

First up is the black pineapple candle holder. It mixes and matches very well with other pieces in the Honey Bee Home range and looks great by itself.

Black pineapple holder | Honey Bee Home
Black pineapple holder | Honey Bee Home

Black pineapple holder | Honey Bee Home

The second piece (and my personal favourite) is the black gloss pineapple ornament. Unlike the trinket pots, this is for display only but it's quite big - so it really make statement.

Black gloss pineapple ornament | Honey Bee Home

Black gloss pineapple ornament

Have you seen our (non-pineapple related) latest arrivals? Go shopping.

Melissa xo

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