The Style Files: Mirrored Shelving

It’s a necessity for us all to have in our homes, but sometimes storage can be bulky, over-stocked or practical, but lack style. At Honey Bee Home, we have the perfect solution for your basic storage needs, incorporating both practicality and style in one with our hexagon mirror shelf.

If you don't have a lot of floor space to work with, make use of your vertical space.

Our hexagon shelf adds a touch of elegance to your interior while fulfilling its main purpose – to store items! Here are three simple ways to style the storage unit:

  • Place it above something

People tend to go for mirrors above a fireplace but if you have a smaller fireplace, this shelving works and has a mirror included. Placing the shelf above your bed also adds a nice touch to your room.

  • Add plants

We shared this tip in the styling your side table post, and we’re sharing it again because it’s so simple and eye-catching. Instantly take your shelf from just cute to cute and mood-enhancing. We’re all about enhancing your living space.

  • Add lighting

A little lamp or garland of lights is a fabulous touch. All of the lighting solutions at Honey Bee Home are battery-operated because it's much more practical and doesn't use up lots of electricity.

  • Add artwork

A small picture frame, painting or drawing, or positive quote can instantly fill up space on your shelf and add a touch of positivity to your home.

You no longer have to sacrifice style for something practical, or something practical for style. We’ve got you covered.

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